Renewed Fleet Parts Supply Partnership With North Ayrshire


We know how important the work of council fleets is to the smooth running of a county, and North Ayrshire is no different.

In recent years, North Ayrshire Council has been streamlining their fleet management programme and made a solid commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its operations. Our fleet parts and services partnership keeps their vehicles on the road, allows them to operate more efficiently and also helps them stay true to their green credentials.

We are proud to announce that our fleet parts and supplies contract with valued partner North Ayrshire Council has been renewed for another year.


Going Green


North Ayrshire Council is making significant strides towards reducing costs within its transport fleet. These efforts are underpinned by a determination to reduce carbon emissions, increase operational efficiency and add value to its public service.


Carbon reduction is something all local authorities need to address. A key component of the [North Ayrshire Council] asset management plan is to review vehicle replacement with a view to lowering emissions and adding fuel efficiency”

Gordon Mitchell, Transport Manager, North Ayrshire Council


While the introduction of Ford Transit hybrids in 2011 saw a 10% reduction in emissions, North Ayrshire Council strive to take fuel efficiency much further – including the use of telematics, biodiesel and speed limiters. All new vehicles also meet the latest European emission standards.

Our partnership with North Ayrshire Council allows them to deliver on their goals. Outsourcing its parts department has helped reduce the council’s environmental impact. By acquiring their parts and support from a reputable British company, the council can reduce the distance parts have to travel, hold more stock and operate a more reliable maintenance program.


Measures such as reducing the distance in which parts are shipped and reducing necessary journeys by holding more stock, are two of the ways we have been able to be more environmentally responsible

Gordon Mitchell, Transport Manager, North Ayrshire Council


 Reduced Costs


Choosing a British supplier of fleet automotive parts means reduced costs, reliable support services and a drastically reduced carbon footprint. Our long-term, well established partnerships with our clients means that we can help them cut costs and operate more efficiently.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the North Ayrshire Council for their loyal support and business.

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