‘Our Quality, Your Reputation’ – The Value of OE Parts


By fitting Original Equipment Manufacturer (OE) parts to a vehicle, you can be sure that the vehicle will ‘feel the same, and drive the same’ and that the product will fit first time, and every time, according to the Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association (OESAA).

The OESAA represents a joint initiative between 14 well-known and market-leading OE component manufacturers. Their aim is to raise awareness about the clear differences in quality between OE products and their ‘matching quality equivalents.

I always insist on fitting parts from original equipment suppliers because I know that they are designed specifically for the vehicle I am working on and are made using the best materials to consistent and exacting quality standards

Frank Massey, Automotive Diagnostic Solutions Ltd

Using the slogan “our quality, you reputation”, the recently formed OESAA are campaigning to show independent garages the value of using Original Manufacturer parts.

There are concerns among members of the OESAA that some aftermarket parts suppliers are wrongly claiming to ‘match OE quality’.

The claim is not factual – they cannot say that they are OE if they are not. So we are saying ‘please don’t say it’”

Nigel Morgan, OESAA campaign chair

A recent article in Autoscene magazine has drawn attention to the controversial campaign, which aims to make sure garages and distributors can make an informed decision when purchasing spare parts.

“Fitting sub-standard parts can cost garages their reputation, as well as time and money

Andy Savva, Brunswick Garage, North London

The OESAA member companies employ more than 8300 people in the UK and undertook a combined 10,000 hours of training in 2013. The hope is that the OESAA campaign, and the training they are offering will prove to garages and distributors the very clear difference.

Of course, cheaper alternatives are available, and the campaign is not trying to claim that all second line parts are bad quality. Supplying OE parts, however, is a sure fire way to ensure that you can offer your customers the very best in quality.

At Flying Penguin Enterprises, we proudly supply a full range of OE parts, and encourage their use by all our clients.

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