Flying Penguin Enterprises Stands Up Against Fake Auto Parts Supply


Fake auto parts supply has serious implications for the automotive industry and the safety of vehicle users. In India, for example, up to 20% of all accidents can be blamed on fake parts.

Fake parts, or ‘copies’, are manufactured in countries like China, using cheap labour and boxed under the original vehicle manufacturer’s logo. Consumers are misled into thinking that they are buying quality products, when in fact they are purchasing repackaged counterfeits.


A Fake Parts Emergency


Our very own Executive Director, Daniel Jolly, has recently drawn attention to the global problem of fake auto parts supply in a Nigerian newspaper.


“Fake products are seriously polluting the automotive parts supply chain world-wide”

Daniel Jolly, Executive Director, Flying Penguin Enterprises


Consulted on the issue by the Sun Online, Daniel highlighted the challenge we face in combatting the fake parts industry worldwide, and the need for greater education.

He pointed out in the article that vehicle assemblers like Toyota and Ford, for example, do not manufacture their own spare parts. They buy them from Global Parts Manufacturers such as Bosch, Mahle, Nisshinbo/TMD Friction and then have them boxed in their own vehicle assemblers’ brand logo.

He says that knowledge of the industry and what parts are available is a big part of the problem:


 “I have been in this industry for more than 40 years and people like me often make the assumption that the ordinary chap in the street understands the business as much as we do and we therefore do not explain ourselves well enough.”

 Daniel Jolly, Executive Director, Flying Penguin Enterprises



So here is the auto parts industry in a nutshell:

There are three main types of autoparts available. Original Equipment (OE) parts are genuine and boxed under the vehicle assembler’s brand logo. Original Equipment Service (OES) parts are available on the general marketplace, and are supplied by the original parts manufacturer. Replacement Aftermarket parts are low cost alternatives to OE and OES parts.

The problem we have is when manufacturers try to pass these replacement aftermarket parts off as OE and OES parts.


Join The Fight


We are working with other parts manufacturers, vehicle assembly companies and government bodies to try and put a stop to these unscrupulous and dangerous practices.

Our advice to any government determined to confront the problem of fake parts supply, is to develop a vibrant and regulated aftermarket industry. We recommend engaging with technically qualified organisations that are able to suggest an appropriate course of action.

We proudly guarantee the quality and origin of our OES and OE parts. We deal directly with some of the largest parts manufacturers in the world. For peace of mind, we strongly encourage you to source your parts from our large range of OE products.

Let’s fight the fake auto parts supply industry together.

To read the full Sun Online article, click here. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss a supply partnership, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be happy to help.