Driver Awareness Training

We need to be sure that our staff will be safe on the roads, and that they are comfortable and confident driving the diverse range of fleet vehicles that we deal with.

The Safe Driving Plus course provides fleet driver training through driver risk assessment and e-learning. Our team were taught about the added risks of driving on company business, and were given individual action plans to manage their own fleet risk. They were also given guidance and advice to help reduce the likelihood of an accident on the roads. Through the course, our drivers learnt to identify at-risk drivers and assessed where more targeted training was necessary.

The course was thorough in making sure that all aspects of fleet driving were covered. It went through how to carry out a self-assessment, how to determine whether you are fit to drive, how to drive comfortably and other advanced driving techniques. The course also covered more specific elements of fleet driving such as motorway driving, parking and reversing and how to drive responsibly in adverse weather conditions.

We recognise that our employees have a duty of care when out and about in our fleet vehicles, so we wanted to make sure they were all singing off the same hymn sheet and had a solid grounding in fleet driving safety. Oh, and it brought down our fleet insurance premium too!


‘We took up the opportunity to put the staff through the course primarily in order to raise the standards of driving within the company, but also reduce our overheads at the same time – it was a win-win situation!’

Andy Pallent, Finance & Admin Manager

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