Corporate Social Responsibility

Introduction & Philosophy

Flying Penguin Enterprises recognise that business is about more than making a profit.

Flying Penguin Enterprises does not disguise the fact that it has a profit objective and that it seeks to builds a profitable business, ethically, but we see our role as far more than this.

Flying Penguin Enterprises aspires to be a good and responsible corporate citizen and to contribute to the societies in which it operates. We believe in external audit and in benchmarking and to this end we undertook a review of Best Practice both with respect to Business Ethics and CSR in holistic sense. Two organisations which embody the values of ethical business and corporate responsibility to which we aspire are Marks and Spencer and John Lewis Partnership. Flying Penguin Enterprises has shadowed these organizations and sought to learn as much as we can from the way in which they drive their businesses forward.

Flying Penguin Enterprises shares their view that CSR and profitability are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, well managed organisations, which consider carefully their long term future and seek to be seen as a positive influence within the societies within which they operate are frequently also financially successful.

Flying Penguin Enterprises is clearly a much smaller organization but nonetheless we believe the principles of CSR and ethical business are generic and transferable. We recognise also that CSR is a nebulous and amorphous subject but seeks to define here a distinct list of activities in which it is actively engaged. Flying Penguin Enterprises adopts the view the intentions are insufficient and every organization should have an action plan with definable, measurable activities it can hold up to demonstrate its commitment to positive change.

John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and other leading proponents of best practice in CSR publish annual reports on their progress in these areas. Flying Penguin Enterprises confirms that ethics and corporate social responsibility are at the very heart of our organisation and our core brand values. What follows is a list of activities we see as concrete manifestations of our commitment to these ideals.

Flying Penguin Enterprises assures its stakeholders that they can rely upon us as an ethical partner for the long term.

Flying Penguin Enterprises’ CSR Agenda


CSR is an amorphous subject and as such this list is correct at a moment in time. Flying Penguin Enterprises sees its Corporate Social Responsibility as integral to its DNA as an organisation and as such this activity never “finishes”. Like Health & Safety, Environment, Sustainability, Equal Opportunities, Meritocracy, Training, Organizational Development and other key spheres of activity CSR is ongoing. Moreover, CSR is not separate and distinct from all of these other categories but in our world CSR is perhaps the embodiment of ALL of these areas with a slightly different emphasis on how Flying Penguin Enterprises impacts on society at large.

What follows here is not an exhaustive list but rather examples of the way in which Flying Penguin Enterprises works to deliver positive changes in the societies in which it operates.

Health & Safety

Flying Penguin Enterprises has put significant resources into Health & Safety in terms of protective clothing and equipment but also in terms of training, policy, procedure and process. One example is our approach to driver training. We recognised that operation of its delivery fleet is the single most significant area of activity in terms of the potential risk to general public as well as our drivers. For this reason all drivers are given extensive induction and continuation training including an annual test on defensive driving techniques independently assessed.  Flying Penguin Enterprises also has Standing Orders concerning the routine roadworthiness checks its drivers are required to carry out on its own vehicles.


Flying Penguin Enterprises is delighted to report it has recently attained ISO 14001 Accreditation, confirming its commitment to sustainability and to the environment. FPE operates a range of measures to save energy and to minimise its carbon footprint; both active measures (for example its use of small engined, fuel efficient, low emissions vehicles), to passive measures through its efforts to rationalise supply chain and logistics to minimise transport. Flying Penguin Enterprises frequently arranges point to point deliveries from manufacturer to end user, obviating the need for double handling.  We also recycle paper, card, steel, lead, copper, aluminium, rubber, glass and always ensures dangerous waste is disposed of safely. Flying Penguin Enterprises’ Directors campaigned for safe recycling of semiconductors and the heavy metals used in PCs for example long before this environmental risk became a matter of public knowledge.

With the increasing price of many commodities, driven by global demand, Flying Penguin Enterprises sees environmental responsibility as not only desirable from an ethical and moral point of view, but also sees this as a commercial imperative.

Equal Opportunities, Employment & Training

Flying Penguin Enterprises has always been an equal opportunities employer but increasingly we are going out of our way to encourage applications from people with disabilities, young people and those of varying religious faiths or ethnic background.

Flying Penguin Enterprises aims to be as inclusive as possible and sees its role as a responsible employer as part of its CSR charter. In particular we are working with colleges and universities to provide placements and permanent employment opportunities to young people recognising the huge challenges facing our young people as they enter the labour market in the recent period of deep recession.

Flying Penguin Enterprises sees training and career development as a key element in its Employment Proposition, both to enhance the human capital of its own workforce, but also to ensure that all our staff, whether temporary work placements, part time or full time, benefit from their time within our organisation.

We also see diversity as a strength in an increasingly globalised economy and have won orders, particularly in the Middle East, as a direct result of the shared language, cultural frame of reference and ethnicity between members of our team and their speaking partners in Dubai.

Flying Penguin Enterprises sees diversity and equal opportunities as not only progressive and ethically and morally the right thing to do, but more than this we believe these are good practises in an increasingly multicultural society.

FPE will continue to offer apprenticeships, work placements and permanent positions to a wide diversity of applicants and sees this as a mutually beneficial activity. Increasingly FPE is also becoming more engaged with secondary and tertiary education, strengthening the links between our company and the colleges and universities in the areas in which we operate.

Supply Chain

Flying Penguin Enterprises has a well defined process to select suppliers, service providers and strategic partners. We look for evidence of CSR in all potential suppliers. This includes checks to ensure that the supplier is a responsible employer, respects modern Health & Safety norms and similarly works to achieve environmental, sustainability and other key policy goals.

Flying Penguin Enterprises finds that, in general, well run organizations are not only focused upon operational efficiency and effectiveness but are also typically upper quartile in all of these other policy areas.

Flying Penguin Enterprises actively avoids any organization it suspects of running a “sweatshop” operation, whether within the UK, or in India, China or some other developing market. We have no objection to sourcing from Indian or Chinese based manufacturers, but rather look for evidence that technical due diligence, quality assurance and modern standards of Health & Safety, equality, environmental responsibility including the provision of a living wage to their employees and sustainability are respected.

Flying Penguin Enterprises’ Role in Promoting Technical & Ethical Standards and Influencing Policy

Flying Penguin Enterprises has been active and effective in promoting higher technical, commercial and ethical standards within the independent aftermarket. This includes FPE’s role in drafting the revised Ethical Business Addendum to the IAAF Code of Practice (currently awaiting ratification by the IAAF Council).

Flying Penguin Enterprises has also worked in its role as Head of Government Relations & Technical Standards at the IAAF, meeting Local Authorities, Police, Fire and Ambulance Services, National Association of Police Fleet Managers, Value Wales, Excel Scotland, Cabinet Office, BIS, DCLG, DFID, EU DG IV, UNHCR, UN Procurement Division, Government Procurement Service, Export Credit & Guarantee  Department, Defence Services Organisation, MOD, Defence Suport Group, UKTI and others.

Flying Penguin Enterprises’ focus in all cases is upon raising standards and upon constructive engagement between the independent aftermarket and the public sector at all levels. We have also done a great deal of work to promote the involvement of SMEs in both the public and humanitarian sectors and in promoting exports to developing markets.

Flying Penguin Enterprises also works closely with the Federation of Small Businesses, Fleet Forum (a forum of the largest humanitarian fleet operators in the world), Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and other leading bodies to engage constructive on issues of common interest.

Flying Penguin Enterprises is proud to report it has a direct and constructive impact on fleet management and procurement policy decisions in a number of areas spanning local, regional, national and European institutions and governments.


As stated above, Flying Penguin Enterprises sees its CSR agenda as an integral part of its business it is committed to consider the impact of all of its actions on the societies in which it operates. This activity will never finish and is hard wired into our organizational consciousness.

Flying Penguin Enterprises assures all of its stakeholders that they will find us a serious, committed and responsible partner for the long term.