Car Owners Delay Vehicle Servicing Due To Cost Concerns


“For lots of people their car is such an important part of daily routine, so it’s sometimes easy to take it for granted.”

Emma Pochin, aftersales marketing leader at Evans Halshaw


Have you been putting off servicing your vehicle due to cost concerns?

The UK Aftermarket is still losing the battle to persuade motorists of the necessity of regular servicing, according to a new survey.

When money is tight, and the daily running of your car consumes enough of your hard earned cash, we understand that maintenance and servicing can be seen as a discretionary spend.

It shouldn’t be. Vehicle servicing is vitally important.


False Economy


An un-serviced vehicle is likely to have a shorter life expectancy and higher fuel costs, whilst potentially being more unsafe

Diane de Voghel, European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association


Putting off a service may save you initial costs on the short term, but in the long run, it can end up costing you more. Putting off an air filter or oil change, for example, can lead to extra costs. Old oil coagulates and gets stuck, starving your engine of lubrication.

Which would you prefer, the cost of an oil change, or the cost of a new engine?

A full service history will also improve the price you can ask when you come to sell your vehicle.




Everyone dreads a high-speed blowout, but how many people check their tyres regularly – even before a motorway journey?”

Rupert Lipton, MD of National Motorists Action Group


A vehicle service will check safety components of the vehicle that you would never have noticed. It is easy, for example, to overlook cuts and damage to the side-walls of your tyres that could lead to an accident. Today’s vehicles are much more complicated, and require specialist tools to complete safety and maintenance work.


The Survey


Comissioned by dealer Evans Halshaw, a trading company of Pendragon, a recent survey revealed that the majority of car owners will put off car maintenance and servicing to save money.

In fact, 52% of drivers admitted to putting off car maintenance, while 62% of those said that the cost was the main reason they did so. The survey found that 56% of women would put off having work done, compared to 47% of men surveyed.

47% of respondents cited the ‘hassle’ of having to fit getting to the garage around other commitments as the main reason to avoid servicing – a particular issue for 18-24 year olds. Older drivers, meanwhile, cited trust in mechanics as their main reservation.


How often should you service your vehicle?


Depending on your mileage, manufacturers recommend serving your vehicle at least once a year – or as a general rule, every 5,000 miles.

We supply all the high quality aftermarket parts you’ll need for your service – oils, lubricants and filters. If you would like to know more, please get in touch. Our friendly staff will be happy to help.