Braking | Flying Penguin Enterprises

We don’t do “cheap and nasty” in any of our product range, but especially when it comes to braking. Across all the vehicles that we supply, irrespective of size, use or age, safety is our primary concern.

It doesn’t matter what size, age or model, we can supply your vehicle with the same parts that it was built with at the factory, so you know that it will be fit for purpose and completely safe.

We supply genuine parts for almost any vehicle. This means that we can guarantee OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality on our whole braking product range, from pads, discs and shoes to calipers, hoses, cables or fluids.

It also means that we never sacrifice on quality.

Want to know more about the braking products that we are able to supply? Please give us a call today on 0117 966 7114 or use our online contact form.