Babcock Awarded Huge DSG Contract

“We are delighted that we are growing and strengthening our partnership with the Ministry of Defence through the acquisition of DSG.”

Peter Rogers, Chief Executive, Babcock International


Our valued partner, Babcock International, has been chosen by the Ministry of Defence as their preferred bidder to deliver the Defence Support Group (DSG) contract. We are delighted to see a company so dedicated to fleet management and equipment support rewarded with a huge 10-year contract with option to extend by five years.

DSG is a MoD organisation responsible for delivering storage, maintenance, repair and overhaul for military vehicles and equipment. The group is vital to ensuring that military fleets and equipment is equipped for training and ready to deploy at short notice.


“We are committed to working with our customer to ensure we are responsive to the evolving needs of the Army whilst achieving improved performance levels, enhanced operational agility and greater cost efficiencies.”

Peter Rogers, Chief Executive, Babcock International


We can’t think of a better organisation to take the reins of this contract, and we offer our support as they take on what is a major commitment. As an autoparts supplier to Babcock, we can guarantee the highest quality, original manufacturer parts for the military vehicles and equipment on their books, and a reliable service chain to help them do their job effectively.


Babcock International


“Defence, energy, telecommunications, transport and education are all sectors where Babcock can be found working diligently behind the scenes, delivering critical support.”

Babcock International


Babcock International is the UKs leading engineering support services organisation. With revenue of over £3.5bn in 2014, they provide vital support to organisations throughout the defence, energy, telecommunications, transport and education sectors. Using their engineering expertise, and trusted suppliers like Flying Penguin, they manage assets and deliver projects diligently and expertly.

This new partnership between Babcock International and the Ministry of Defence represents a major step forward for our valued partners. Babcock already provides world-class fleet management and equipment support to the MoD for their army training contracts, but this will represent the first output-based services for fleet management and equipment support.

Babcock is due to start providing provision as of April 2015.


If you would like to know more about the reliable fleet autoparts supply chain we can offer organisations like Babcock International, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be happy to help.