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Aid and Development | Flying Penguin Enterprises

Aid and developments services operate in some of the most challenging places in the world. They provide essential supplies and services to those hit by natural disasters and conflict.

Logistically, there are few groups who face a greater challenge.

In order to maintain and repair their fleet of aid vehicles, NGOs need a fast and reliable supply chain that can deliver in extremely challenging conditions and situations.


That’s why they choose us!


 We provide our services to assist with aid-funded projects around the world, working with organisations like the UN and the Red Cross. Working closely with each NGO, we use our experience and knowledge to provide solutions in extremely hostile environments, navigating poor or non-existing infrastructures on a global scale. We appreciate that mobility is vital for security purposes and to aid with the distribution of essential items, equipment and human resources. We offer a reliable, consistent and effective supply chain, against all the odds.

The components, parts, tools and consumables that we supply are all of the highest possible quality. They are all sourced directly from the original equipment manufacturer. This means that we are able to supply top quality products at a fraction of the cost of most authorised dealerships.

Every single product we ship comes with a full warranty, both from the original manufacturer and ourselves. We also provide NGOs and our other clients with genuine parts from vehicle manufacturers such as Land Rover, Nissan and Toyota.

Warehousing Facilities for Humanitarian Supplies

 In addition to the automotive parts and components we’re able to provide to NGOs across the globe, we’re also able to assist with the management of supplies. Our warehousing facilities coupled with our reliable global supply chains mean that we are able to offer NGOs a highly effective way to manage their supplies.

We’re able to store your supplies so they’re ready for deployment to any of the ports or airports in the UK.  Speak to our customer service team on 0117 966 7114 to find out how we can help you.