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Flying Penguin Enterprises

Flying Penguin Enterprises (FPE) is a British based trading house, specialising in Supply Chain, Procurement, Logistics and Consultancy.

We understand business is about people.

Flying Penguin Enterprises (FPE) is a British based trading house, specialising in Supply Chain, Procurement, Logistics and Consultancy.

 FPE built its reputation in the automotive industry catering to a wide range of prestigious clients, including police, fire and ambulance services, many UK government departments including the Ministry of Defence(MOD), major multinationals such as Babcock and Airbus, a wide range of UN organs and missions,non government organisations(NGO,s) and some very prestigious export customers.

 Over the years FPE has diversified it’s portfolio by entering in to the oil and energy sector and supporting new technologies in the water and sanitary health industry. FPE’s presence in the oil and energy sector was further strengthened by it,s partnership American Hope Petroleum & Energy(AHPE), an independent global energy company specialising in crude oil trading.

 FPE areas of expertise include, automotive vehicle and parts supply, distribution and aftersales service; personal protection equipment; consultancy, supply and distribution of ultra filtration water products; supply of built in photovoltaic solar energy products; design and supply of military clothing and equipment and much more.

Who Are We

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Our Mission

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What We Do

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Our History

Flying Penguin Enterprises was formed from the acquisition and merger of three long established businesses and started trading in 2008. This is significant because it means we have a huge pool of experience upon which to draw.

Some of our individual staff have worked for over 30 years in the logistics and procurement industry and collectively Flying Penguin Enterprises’ experience is measured in centuries! This, combined with our passion and commitment to deliver the highest quality, personalised service to our customers, is the foundation to our business.

The Directors bring new ideas, complementary skills and experience as well as fresh capital. In particular both of the Directors have spent much of their working lives outside of the UK and so bring an international perspective.

Flying Penguin Enterprises | Meet the Team

Nick and Daniel, the sole shareholders of Flying Penguin Enterprise (FPE), bring with them passion, commitment and experience. They’re not afraid to introduce new ideas and methods that will ensure the company is able to deliver the highest possible standards both now and in the future. With extensive international experience they have brought fresh approaches from an international perspective to further satisfy the demands of their consumers.

Nick Wilton

Nick is the current Chairman and co founder of Flying Penguin Enterprises.

Nick brings many years of experience as a manager with him along with an excellent record of delivering profitable growth. His aptitude in sales, marketing as well as change and project management has enabled Nick to push Flying Penguin Enterprises even further. This means we can deliver the highest level of customer services to each of our clients within a variety of industries and sectors. Nick spent many years working internationally and has experience of working in developing markets, something that is of great benefit when working with international clients and the export markets.

A small selection of Nick’s career highlights:

  • Developing Volvo’s global tax free business
  • The restructure of Volvos distribution in India and the former Soviet Union
  • Establishing SAAB Financial Services in 17 countries
  • Creating the market leading leasing business for Nissan in Saudi Arabia within a five year period
  • Restructuring of Clerical Medical International

Daniel is an accomplished, seasoned Senior Executive with a consistent track record of delivering profitable, sustainable growth within a range of environments in the UK and internationally, especially within the Middle East/Africa and Asia.

Daniel has served as a member of the board in various companies in the Middle East and was selected to serve as Chair of the Nissan Middle East Committee for a two year period representing and lobbying Nissan Japan on behalf of the Nissan Middle East importers. Daniel’s diplomatic skills are well suited to Board level and Operational level discussions. Daniel was instrumental in gaining FPE approved supplier status to the United Nations.Daniel has travelled the world negotiating sales, purchasing and supply contracts with global companies and his technical, commercial and market knowledge combined with his core beliefs of honesty , integrity and trust have delivered a long list of mutually beneficial relationships with major corporate companies.

Daniel is particularly strong in delivering results in developing market environments and in managing businesses in a multi-cultural environment whilst always demonstrating the highest standards of business ethics and personal integrity.

Daniel Jolly

Daniel is the current Chief Executive and co founder of Flying Penguin Enterprises.

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